Not slowing down near/getting well out of the way of unpredictable kids/dogs/elderly (in particular) is just poor form and arrogance. It only takes a pedestrian changing their walking direction unexpectedly to be struck by a cyclist at low speed to have them end up with their head hitting the pavement. Kids, dogs, elderly are even more unpredictable sometimes. Young peeps walking box visioned into their iphones though.. cunse fucking deserve to be hit.

Actually was attempting to get back into cycling after seeing there's some pretty decent trails near my place. But just when I'd bought my MTB home from storage, had the hydraulics serviced and ordered a bike lock online it was stolen from our LUG! The bike lock arrived 2 days later.. doooh!

Was an old 2k6 Norco Bigfoot, worth ~$300 second hand on a good day. Thought, "fuck it, a couple of weeks without a lock this old undesireable MTB will be fine in the garage..." Nup! Perhaps the chuncky dirt jump tyres and fork fooled the thieves into thinking it was a more modern 650b MTB?

Guessing it was an opportunist meth head, as I'd had a bike worth roughly double locked up in there with the flimsiest shittest braided cable chain.

Anyway, 6 months of back and forth with insurance the replacement arrived last weekend - got a free upgrade from the 7.1 to a 7.2 because they were out of stock..

Will be residing indoors til my "you need a battery angle grinder or GTFO" bike lock arrives.

Also, going to need one of these.. in black..

At least it costs less than the ridiculous nanny state fines for not having a bike bell now.

AFAIK can ditch the reflectors so long as it's daytime riding though.
Bye now!

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