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Shout outs go to RWS, Bracko, MadMike, Gruso, kimberly, WoWk, Darko, ILoveTheCubs, rica, j-rod-scott. Half you ****s dont post here anymore, but I am still saying OHAI because I fucking love you all and this place would not have been the same without the constant daily banter in the golden years of 2006-2008?


PS. If someone can get me a dump of the entire DB, will host for free forever. Have ample capacity (the joys of working in "the cloud" industry). Just need a smart cookie who can perform the data import/export etc.
PPS, can someone restore :munted: ?

we're still shitposting on slack.
db has been culled already. i don't think anyone got a full copy of it all
do you mean :offchops: ? it's on slack. go there for more good times.