[Techno] Perthil - Arrival & Departure Remixed (Traumuart)



Arrival & Departure Remixed Traumuart 22

1. Departure (Tobias Winkler Remix)
2. Departure (Chris Wayfarer Remix)
3. Arrival & Departure (Klankman.fm Remix)
4. Arrival (Francisco Branda Remix Version One)
5. Arrival (Umors Remix)
6. Arrival (Francisco Branda Remix Version Two)
7. Arrival & Departure (Psy Collab Remix)
8. Arrival (Original)
9. Departure (Original)

The two originals have been released in 2014 on catalog number 11. Now, 11 numbers later, the remixes arrive. It starts with a crispy 9 minutes rework by Tobias Winkler from Erfurt, who delivers a punchy trip with short vocal snippets and the striking acidÂ*line. Chris Wayfarer from Chemnitz goes a bit dirtyer. A jolty beat and creaking sounds tugging the audience on the floor. The Klankman.fm remix combines “brevity & condiments” with an pretty 80s flair, the labelÂ*residents Umors and Francisco Branda should not be missed here of course, Techno from Naples and Buenos Aires, the Traumuart Techno Sound! The Psy Collab remix finally comes up with a wild mix of Breakbeat and Black Metal, bittersweet Berserker Beats.


Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/arr...emixed/1784638
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/ar...d/id1119588768
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