[Techno] Various Artists - Bugchasing 4 (BugCoder Records)



Various Artists - Bugchasing 4 (BugCoder Records)

01. Queemose - Future Perfect
02. Stephan Bobinger - Ohmn
03. RocCyjoes - Der Lauf Der Dinge
04. Infaam Konijn - Blue Lake
05. Doepp - Desolate
06. Philipp Uhrwerk - Rorschach
07. Peter Groskreutz - Weltenwandler
08. Hearald - Vector Space
09. Chris Wayfarer - Corkscrew
10. Mowgly3 M3 - Alhaja
11. Stefan Colakovic - Igra
12. S II P - One Of Those Days
13. Class-A Deviants - Droh
14. Octopu1se - Chords
15. Dave Greenhouse - Mood Adjustment

The 4th edition of the Bugchasing series is greeting with some fresh tunes. This time, BugCoder Records has won 15 new and established names; including the Italian producer Queemose, who is starting with "Future Perfect", a fresh Deep House tune. Berlin based Stephan Bobinger is contributing "OHMN" - his next share after "Culture Clash" of 2014. Melodic & melancholic is "Der Lauf der Dinge", produced by the duo RocCyjoses. This tune is coming more gentle compared to their pushing "Sibersee" EP. Next Duo is waiting with Infaam Konijn from the Netherlands, who are presenting their typical, harmonious sound with "Blue Lake". After his interaction with Tobi Rech (Analog Love), Doepp is givng with "Desolate" a tune as a solo producer to the the annual Bugchasing series. Philip Uhrwerk is on deck again with retro charm and "Rorschach" and Peter Groskreutz is nailing a minimal-techno bomb on Bugchasing 4 with "Weltenwandler". Let's talk about some new names: Hearald from Deventer / NL for example, who is celebrating a more than successful debut on BugCoder with his tune "Vector Space". New sound, well-known name: Chris Wayfarer. With "Corkscrew" Chris is sharing a tune, that is going directly into your ear channel. Another new name on BugCoder: Mowgly3-M3 from Sevilla / Spain. His track "Alhaja" offers wacky Tech House with exceptional elements. Stefan Colakovic is an established name on the label since at least his "Haunting" release. "Igra" is the name of this year's contribution of the Serbian producer. Do you like fancy classic minimal techno? Here comes S II P with "One Of Those Days"! After 2 released EPs the US-American duo Class A Deviants cannot be missed with their contribution "Droh". The closing tracks are produced by Octopu1se from Japan ("Chords") - deep techno with acid elements and the Englishman Dave Greenhouse, who again served a musical delicacy with "Mood Adjustment".
Bugchasing 4: out on Beatport now and available on all major portals on Aug 26.


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/bugchasing-4/1824586
Juno: http://www.junodownload.com/products...4/3175752-02//