Not to the festival I was never young enough But as you said never too old for a small intimate club. Hernan liked the Sydney afterparty as well.

I saw him in here at the afterparty, he played a really beautiful set. !! I went to NZ as well but missed a good deal of his set because my light was delayed three times . But when I walked into the club the atmosphere was electric. I guarantee all of them stayed until the very end, he was fabulous. !!

I don't go to see him do B2B anymore. He is always sooo much better on his own.

The disappointment of the week was Guy Mantzur and Guy J , they were both really, really good, but the venue was atrocious. I used to go to Platform 1 years ago and I thought it was quite a good venue. But it was packed and incredibly hot and claustrophobic. But the very worst was the lighting and you couldn't get away from it. It was making people sick , even guys were saying so It was totally inappropriate for their sort of music.

Btw there was no lighting in NZ , the energy was purely from the music. That pic was after lights up at the end.
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BAHAHA, you sir - are a twit, have you ever met Di?

She celebrated the invention of the wheel by going clubbing