Attic presents Nachtbraker – Friday, 5 May – Civic Underground
Well, as with our last event, we appreciate that it might be a little bit ambitious posting this event in this forum, but let's throw it out anyway!

Following our launch event with Fouk in January — as well as a few other Attic guest appearances around the place — we can now announce our second Attic event: this time, hosting Nachtbraker!

We'll be back at The Civic Underground for this on Friday, 5 May — and kicking off at nine o'clock.

Tickets are available via Resident Advisor, right here.

Line-up, as follows:


(Quartet Series, Dirt Crew, Heist)

Simon Caldwell

(Mad Racket / FBi Radio)

Andrew Fazzolari

Brendan Clay

About Nachtbraker:

After receiving widespread recognition for books such as 'How Does He Do It?' and 'Glorious Misunderstandings', Maurits Verwoerd decided to start a career as a music producer.

Though few doubted his skills as an artist, most of Maurits' neighbours thought a little differently about his compositions, causing him to start producing music in the underground dungeons of Amsterdam.

Coming out occasionally — but only at night — slowly made him well-known among friends and enemies as Nachtbraker: Dutch for "night hawk".

The signs of exposure to a wide range of genres are clearly audible in his music, ranging from ecstatic slow grooves to unconventional dub tracks. Critics often praise him for adopting a wide pallet of sounds with subtle, intricate percussion.

While his celebrated performances receive increasing recognition, it’s unquestionable that Nachtbraker will keep a lot of people comfortably awake for many years to come.

Nachtbraker has a wealth of strong releases on imprints such as Quartet Series — his own label — Dirt Crew Recordings, Heist Recordings and Hudd Traxx — to name just a few.


'Attic' is the brainchild of Sydney jocks, Brendan Clay and Andrew Fazzolari; devised as a medium to promote their love for low, slow grooves, thick basslines and loose, swinging drums.

Attic is tailored to those searching for an avenue for deep, soulful, disco-infused and melodically-inclined house music.

Fundamentally, its focus is the promotion of quality, hand-picked local talent, foremost; regularly showcasing selectors from around the globe who mirror its style and vision.

deep • low-slung • disco


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