^^ My dive shop did Fish Rock 2 weeks ago, I really wanted to go but had Creamfields duties

Do you mean having my own so there's no wear and tear from having dozens of muppets using the hire gear before me? I think the hire fins I was using were Aqualungs as well, one of the things that shat me about the boots I was hiring was one of the zips would unzip on every, single, dive

Doing Julian Rocks on Sunday, only just realised it's near Byron I'm so geographically challenges it's not funny

Guess it's time to start looking at BCDs, Regs and computers... Gonna try get my hands on a BCD with integrated weights, the weight belt isn't doing my back many favours Any suggestions on what to look for? If you don't mind me asking how much was your computer Spokey?


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Just to clarify where the line is drawn:

  • Ragging on someone when they're actively posting and pretty much asking for it: OK
  • Starting a new joke train on them when they're not around: Please don't