For all the Sky haters, it's not their fault the other teams haven't got their shit together to disrupt their gameplan. It's not as if BMC, Liquigas, Radioshack or Lotto didn't know this was coming (considering the domination of Paris-Nice, Romandie and Dauphine). In many ways, Sky have hampered themselves by having Cav & Eisel as the dead weights in the mountains - plus Sivtsosv went in week one. And before anyone starts with suggestions Sky have bought a team of galacticos, BMC spent more on their squad trying to get Cuddles to repeat.

In terms of contenders, Nibali is game but doesn't appear to have the confidence to push home a hard attack (or the support) and the same can be said for Van Den Brouck.

Sky aren't winning because of the course (unlike say Lance or even big Mig), rather because they have the best riders. These misty eyed dreams of multiple mountain top finishes are fanciful, I struggle to recall a Tour where more than three stages finished at ski stations or summits.

Personally, I think it's awesome the way Sky have put the plan in practice and the meticulous system of keeping Wiggo third in line whilst the four others buzz around him and destroy the peleton with their tempo - something to behold.

(and if you want to be even more optimistic, we're not having erratic and 'remarkable' performances like Landis et al, during the dark days of 'preparing')

Allez Wiggo, allez Froomedag, allez Sky and allez Cav on Sunday night.
"Old enough to know better"