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I'm a bit fed up about the argument that he's only won because of his TT ability. Yes, it's given him the current time advantage. But why would he seek to put time into his rivals in the mountains, when he can match them and win? And let's face it, he's not looked remotely in trouble when monitoring the others in the hills.

fair enough, this year's schedule is more than playing to his strengths which I guess is all he needs to sit on.

guess we haven't seen a team this strong in a while. All playing their roles perfectly and many still hanging around at the latter parts of each mountain stage. Well done to Sky for training them up this well.

I know it doesn't happen every Tour but I much prefer see 4-5 team leaders being the only ones left battling it up the climbs with less than 20kms to go

Prologue and one individual TT for all remaining TDFs though please!