best bang for buck imo is the pentax k-5 with its good features and brilliant sony sensor. can pick them up new for under $1000 if you shop around.

add a sigma 10-20 f/4-5.6 for under $500 and there's a fantastic real estate setup with change for a carton from $1500.

pentax k-30 is slightly less featured but a brand new model. excellent bang for buck at $849 RRP so maybe close to 800 street?

nikon d7000 and canon 7d are pretty cheap these days too and from all reports are both excellent cameras, with both brands having advantages over pentax due to their big marketshare. i'd say go into a store and play with those cameras and see which one you like. sigma make the 10-20 for all mounts at the same price so it's just body you need to choose.


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