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I use this name prodj as anyone that i work for will be profesional thats why i use this name i know my image has flaws i am awhere of this i am here asking for input but not stupid chilidish deffermation my heart is in the right place i belive in this and will do anything to make it work, i request information / help that you think could help me therefore the djs that use my service so that they can benifit from this.

my two loves business and music so this business i belive in and will strive to progress this in the forward dirrection to help the dj and my self.

Paying $5 for a web-profile on your site makes you professional does it?

Dude - a lot of the people on this thread are already working on a regular basis and know the process of gaining regular work, and most realise what is required.

Your services seem like one of the Today Tonight / A Current Affair stories on mediocre looking girls trying to be models and finding the 'Modeling Agencies' that require a $1000 portfolio which can only be completed by their onsite photographer. Paying money cannot guarantee work and for people that already make money; taking the risk of losing 15% of their income is just ridiculous.

You need to rethink your business strategy if you think you can get people to sign up and place them in regular club work.