wookie nipple, of all the 'unique charms' you've had on display for us, perhaps the craft of trawling people's myspaces etc. with the express intent of character assassination would be the most awesome. And by awesome I mean seriously fucked. I'm the first flag-bearer in line to poke shit at the hardstyle munters but at least the dude's doing something. Something that we know he's doing. Even if the guy was on the sex offenders list his resume would be more noteworthy than yours at this stage.

Essentially your word is worth about as much as the anonymous voice which informs us that 'your call is important to us'. It's there, it sorta has to be listened to, though let's equate the ignore button with pulling the phone away from one's ear, and overall it's just rehashed crap put there for the sake of filling the void.

If you must be incognito then so be it, but you'd want to have some serious conversational form at the table to fill that void. Feel free to step up to the plate any time.

And let's NOT even allude to any kind of violence irl. mmk? From anyone. That's just piss fucking poor on so many levels.