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Clearly my interpretation of progressive house is much different to most people on this forum.

no, your interpretation of progressive house, is not progressive house at all. period.
just to save you from further embarressment, i'll give you a quick lesson

progressive house is can be used to describe the sound of djs such as nick warren, dave seaman, hernan cattaneo and early sasha and digweed (though not so much these days)

avicii, bloody beetroots and dada life are djs/producers who's style mainly falls under the category 'electro house', they all have the disctinctive chord stabs that are common with that style.

please dont act like you know better than everyone when you post a mix on a forum, whos members would have a combined 50 years experience (at least) of music knowledge.
just accept criticism, and come to terms with the fact you were incorrect
in your defense there isn't really a forum for electro house, so i understand you posting here, but i would suggest the house forum for that stuff

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