I appreciate the helpful comments.

It won't let me post links because i haven't been a member for 2 weeks, so i have put it into words.

My sound cloud is soundcloud [dot] com/kashii

And you can check 2 recent mixes here:

soundcloud [dot] com/earmilk/earmilk-presents-weekend-5

dazeddigital [dot] com/music/article/12634/1/kashii-exclusive-mix

I get what you're saying regarding local DJs wanting the same residencies etc....but its no different to London, in fact its probably harder to get shows over here. But once you've proven you know what you're doing and can smash up a party unlike 70% of people who say they are a "DJ" then the hype quickly gets about.

Have a listen to the bits, and if you can give helpful advice, contacts etc please get in touch. I can also send a full CV as i mentioned, so you can see my extensive experience in the industry.