They’ve had that stuff for years now...if it's the same stuff they used to sell @ big day out and other "alternative" events, then it's most probable guarana, ginseng and other caffeine related drugs…they got banned for a few years as some people dropped after taking to many (that’s what the media said anyway) but as soon as the corporations/government decided they could make money from it (energy drinks/bars) BANG it became the biggest thing since tobacco!

I remember I was @ falls festival about 3-4 years ago, and they ran out of ciggies (and you couldn’t leave the venue to get more) so we turned to the herbal @!#$ trying to use as spin with the bud…the worst tasting @!#$ you have ever tasted/smelt/vomited…and I know it’s each unto their own…but it never worked for me and my friends (well the pot did) but all it did was make be feel sick in the stomach…I still get the smell and taste of it sometime (flashbacks)