I have 2 Stanton T.60's and a M.201 mixer. A pair of Reloop RHP 10 headphones. I forgot what brand my speakers are and my amp is Pyle.
Guess I have a thing for no name/ small name brands.
All up, it's cost me: 550 (turntables and mixer)+ 100 (speakers [3 x 100w @ 8ohm]) + 120 (amp) + 90 (headphones) which equals *start menu -> all programs -> accesories -> calculator ->* $860 .
I think I've done alright with me monies.
I just need to go and get some RCA cords or whatever you use to connect the mixer to the amp to the speakers, and a headshell and cartridge, then I'm set.
But can anyone recommend a place to get them? I was thinking Dick Smith or Wow Sight and Sound for the cables....
Pictures when I'm complete