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No complaints from me with Lewis as our utility player. However I feel he should be on the field as much as possible & in recent times, NSW have either picked a sub who can fill in at hooker/half (gidley) or someone like idris/Josh Morris that can't fill in anywhere but centre. I'd love it if Stuart picked a bench with 4 forwards but he is a nutter & not real likely to do this. So who would u have ahead of Reynolds that fits the Gidley style sub?

yeah i suppose with lewis and bird in the team and hayne on the wing you only need a backup hooker.. but is that person going to be lewis? no. will they pick hinchcliffe? no. so what happens when robbie (or bedsy more like it now as he's been cleared to play) gets injured and we have no backup dummy half? if that happens and our bench looks like DJPKs team we will get smashed(er)


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ITM is, as far as I can see, the institute of trolls and memes. Alas and alack---it's time for my evening meal.

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