Kana Broadcast 020 Mattias Fridell
We’ll summarise before even starting – our guest this week has been aggrandising the world of electronic music with a consistent perseverance that you’d expect from any given regime intent on changing the world. From the earliest of days which consisted of experimenting with his parents keyboard and sequencer, it laid the foundations for being able identify any faults in his progression and adjust the result accordingly. Now, that capability isn’t abundant regardless of the creative vice you analyse, though it’s been integral to the co-construction of his imprint Tonal Path with close friend Glenn Wilson as well as having his own work appear on other respected labels such as Labrynth, the latter of which hosted not just one of his most impressive works of late, but arguably one of the releases of 2011 – Pataphysics.

Diverging his own sound into various identities whilst submerging himself in the delineation of forthcoming projects is an embellishing thought that’s now a concrete realisation. It demands attention, irrefutably.

This weeks broadcast proprietor – Mattias Fridell.

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