Fckn hell. Can't believe the hate for Hodgson.
Everyone talking up Redknapp who has crook record, Hodgson has done 10x more.
And yes, Liverpool stained his record but in hindsight not even the great king of kings Kenny could get that club winning.

Good selection IMO. But whoever manages England will always be doomed.

I know I'm in the absolute minority but I want to see England do well, always have.
1st Div / EPL Winner - 13 Times
FA Cup Winner - 11 Times
League Cup Winner - 2 Times
Euro Cup Winner Cup Winner- 1 Time
EPL 4th Place Winner - 15 Times
EPLFinancial Cup Winner - 8 times
EPL Grounderkeeper Winner - 3 Times
Box to Box Possesion without scoring Winner - 8 times