Movie quotes that you say reguarly
Movie quotes that you say reguarly
Some movies have an impact on in such a way that the quotes and dialog are not just well remembered but you and your friends say on a regular basis whether as a direct quote or as part of your day to day dialog.

For me and my close friends we are often using lines from The Ace Ventura Movies and the classic movie Chopper and from time to time I will use quotes from American History X and Fight Club.


if I have to get up at night and I accidently wake up my friend I will turn to him and go " sleeeep...Sleeep, Sleeeep" like Ace does to the Baboon.

or if one us is whining about something stupid we will sometimes say "Oh whinge whinge f*&king whinge" like Chopper does to Keithy George when he bleeding to death on the floor in H Division and is getting draged out by the screws.

What are yours?

EDIT: mind the bad spelling


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