Hmm, thought I'd mentioned this one in here, but I must have only posted in the DayZ thread.

Background: Adsense was doing SFA to cover my hosting costs on last year, so I canned the hateful ads and started thinking about other methods. I came up with a page of DayZ survival gear, aimed at cosplayers, with affiliate links to purchase everything on Amazon. It launched in January, and has done marginally better than the ads (but still SFA).

Fast forward to last week, and I saw a post in /r/entrepreneur about a $10 experiment. Someone had set up an Amazon affiliate account, a free Weebly website, and spent $10 on a reddit ad. Hook it all up, c wot happens. It sounded like a bit of fun, and with a page of affiliate links already set up I had a crack at it. Here's my report:

tl;dr Invested $10, returned $20 and reddit gold.

If you're interested in how reddit ads and Amazon affiliate links work (or just how to make a few bucks for virtually no effort... maybe) the submissions I've linked at the start of my post are a good read. Really small scale stuff, but lots of data being shared.

Not everyone in /r/entrepreneur approves however:

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