So I haven't done any web based stuff since high school, even then I don't think I even successfully mastered frames (remember those?). Anyway, trying to reinvent myself as a web person and made this site. Only really put work into the front page, ignore the rest. Also pretend that the Solar Panel quote form says Builders or whatever.

Hadn't used Wordpress before, found some custom theme, spent ages on it trying to get it to do what I want. Ended up deleting most of the theme and making the header/body/etc into what I want. But because I've designed it using my big screen, I'm not sure if it's going to be functional/aligned on other screens. Oh also never used Photoshop before, so pretty proud of the menu sprites and the background image about the footer (which is about 8 different pictures mashed together).

Few tiny things I still need to do like align text on some pictures, but overall I'm looking for brutal feedback. As I said, brand new to me, almost wore out Google in the process, just looking for feedback as to what's wrong/good before I build on it.
ヽ༼ʘ̆ںʘ̆༽ ノ