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if you've got the cash get rockit Rp10-3. you can forget all the sub woof business. when those mofos are properly set up in your room you'll get below 40hz. the shit you need for drum & bass.

e: i just checked they go for about $1100 a pair. hmm maybe pricey! up to you man. still cheaper than other KRK satellites & sub and plus those Rp10's are exceptional..

I'm surprised there aren't more 3-way studio monitors around, with some of the best I know of coming from Dynaudio, such as the passive M2 models, as used by Hybrid.

But I think KRK dropped the ball somewhat with a measly 40W output on the 10" woofer in their 3-way efforts...

...especially as I suspect their true watts specs in their Rokit range not to be up to much chop. Have you heard them under a bit of steam?

EDIT: Scrap that, I must have read a misprint... apparently it's 80W + 30W + 30W (TOTAL 140W)... maybe? KRK don't seem to give an amplifier breakdown. And it's quite possibly they're still running a 2-way amp, with a passive filter on the mid/tweeter???

Anyway, be worth a listen to hear how the midrange performs from its own driver and the bass being free to do its own thing.

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