Undoubtedly great compact PA/DJ speakers, super wide 105 degree dispersion for terrific sound in smaller environments where people may not be placed directly in the fire of the speakers (ie. sitting to the sides instead), and the 'DEEP' mode makes for startling performance in the low end, negating the need for a subwoofer (to a degree).

I recently purchased the next size up, the K10s, and loving their capability, not just at loud levels, but also their quality of sound at low 'near field' levels too. Given the same 500 watt + 500 watt amplifier module across the range, the maximum output is ample for any domestic application and then some.

This weekend I get to put them to the test for a work awards function in a restaurant with around 35 people so keen to hear how they perform against a bit more ambient noise. And also want to push them with the DEEP mode engaged to see just how much of a headroom killer it might be (that is, how it behaves at loud SPL while still trying to maintain the extra bass extension/boost).

For your home-only needs, the main downside I can see is that the variable speed cooling fans will start up spinning with little drive of the speakers, and are quite audible when the speakers are playing at their quietest levels.

An alternative to consider is from local PA company Quest Audio

QSA200i (around $850/pair)
Looks a little light amp-wise compared to the (exaggerated???) QSC specs, but the 100W+50W module should be more than ample for your uses, and fan cooling assists when more output is required (and I believe the fans are internally located to minimise external noise).

Other advantages are they're pole mountable to raise them to just above head height where they need to be in a group setting or the bodies in the room will block them out. (Note the QSC K8 equivalents have the advantage of then being able to tilt the speaker downwards too, so arguably better). And either the QSC or Quest models are better suited to being dragged about. It's all too easy to bang up the vinyl wrap on studio-centric speakers.

And Quest do a great 15" sub for around $1200 too if you do need to step things up...
(...though I don't think the QSA200i has the hi-pass filters for subwoofer use, so a crossover is likely required if you're keen on getting a bit more midrange SPL volume out of the smaller boxes by filtering the bass out. The QSC units again better suited for subwoofer integration with a 100Hz highpass switch on the back.)

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