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Every debate on this forum turns to turd as soon as you enter it. In every debate you make a MASSIVE error of fact and then base the rest of your reasoning on that mistake. The error you keep making and are too idiotic to realise (or in denial more likely because as we know, you're a gutless coward who can't admit when he has made a mistake or simply posted some random made up bullshit and gets called out on it) is that the $40b you keep crapping on about is NOT paid for by taxes. It is an investment that is paid for by govt bonds which get paid back by user subscriptions.

If you think it is a waste of money, then stop your pathetic whinging and don't sign up to it when it gets rolled out to your locale. But like I said, when it does you'll be a massive hypocrite as well and you'll sign onto it in nanosecond.

i'm still waiting for you to tell me what the cost and revenue has been so far to date. It's pretty easy to work out whether the 7% return is bullshit or not. I'll wait for your figures.