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Whatevs. If this were a liberal party policy the truth is that you, buffed and all the other liberal party fanbois would be in here telling everyone how awesome the NBN will be for the future of the country and why it is necessary to ensure the future economic growth and international competitiveness of the country. You would also be telling everyone that it is being paid for by users and is expected to be paid off in full in a little over 20yrs. To highlight the stupidity of the logic being used by the critics you would point out the analogy that people shouldn't buy houses with a 25yr bank loan because the monthly loan repayments are higher than the cost of renting

The biggest and main argument that seems to be in the negative is the cost factor, but this has been explained already over and over. If users think that they can do what they need with the old slow network, then let them continue using it and pay higher prices. In this event the NBN will take longer than expected to be paid off (maybe 25-30yrs instead of 20-25). If users decide that they want to pay lower prices for faster broadband, let them sign up to a FTTH plan.

My prediction is that you and all the rest of your hypocritical liberal party supporters will be signing onto FTTH as soon as it is available to you.

Please explain how you conduct a CBA on the benefits of "improved quality of life" ?

You work in health, you've seen the figures for the supposed social cost of tobacco smoking (ie: the intangible costs associated with loss of life). If you were to include those costs into a CBA on the NBN you obviously would realise the outcome would be massively in favour of an NBN?

edit I just looked it up again.... total intangible social cost of tobacco smoking was estimated at $20 billion in 2004-2005 alone. So wake up and get real. A CBA on the NBN will basically conclude that for a $40 billion outlay to be paid for not through taxes but by user subscriptions, will probably provide social benefits totalling up to $20 billion per year. Wow at that rate it will be paid off in 2yrs!!

Everything anyone says on here that goes against the grain is smeared as some liberal fanboi ploy. You're anti-lib bias far outweights my pro-lib bias. I wonder if you'd be ripping into the policy if it were implemented by a liberal government?

I hope your prediction that we will all be paying low prices for faster broadband comes into play. That is yet to be seen and poor uptake and high prices has been the standard so far.

It's not hypocritical to sign up to a network that has just already been built if it were offering higher speeds at lower prices. It would be stupid not to sign up. I dont even know what your point is there.

The design and implementation of NBN is not above criticism. It is certainly not out of line to ask for a CBA on any significant government expenditure, let alone our biggest infrastructure project of all time. Let's hope they can deliver it on time and on budget eh?