As long as one of the dj and artist who Derrick san respect a lot who is Delano Smith wont play at Brown Alley, i am ok. If he plays at Brown Alley, tough life, i will see him in Tokyo instead. Probably at club called Eleven where he played a few weeks ago and which used to be called "Yellow" . Delano Smith stated as "One of the best sound system club in the world".

Doesn't really matter whos fault, whos responsibilities, who is the sound tech, how to use, how to tune it bla bla bla, if it sounded shit, then it was shit. I went to Brown Alley 4,5 times in last couple of years, and actually, all of the time, sound was horrible or i have been to too many parties and festivals which sound was too great so that i can hear the difference too clearly. Dont know whos fault bla bla bla but wont risk myself again to see someone i really respect a lot as an artist and dj like Derrick san have to to spin with those unprofessional and disrespectful situation and circumstances.