Name: Jen

Age: 22

Occupation: Admin assistant (9-5 til end of next week)/jaded struggling actor/DJ wannabe soon to be world traveller...

Living: Perth

State:WA (the state of exitement)

Dj ??: when Karlsav shows me the ropes, he he he

What U Like: BREAKS, BREAKS, BREAKS and uh, more breaks. I love going out and going off to some party breaks but also get into the heavier style. Also a big hip hop fan and enjoy a bit of DnB. Have sometimes been known to bop along to some house tracks but very rarely! CAN'T STAND TRANCE!!

I play out at:in my bedroom every night in my dreams...

I dont Like: Drunk ppl falling all over me when I'm trying to groove and enjoy the music, ppl who class all dance music as one genre and refer to it as 'doof doof music'

Useless Information: I have a pyrotechnics license.
What is Platform 12?
Check it

"I don't get drunk, I just get more awesome"