Re: << Introduce Yourself >>
Name: Karl
Age: 26

Occupation: Sales Manager/team leader with Telstra, Dj , Business Entrepenuer (ie I run about 3 business on the 1 ABN so I am a busy bee...

Living: In a house with a fun size mars bar

State:WA / Perth
Dj ??: What STaLkA said!

What U Like: Breaks, Dnb , Prog in that order.... I love listening to DnB but HATE buying it with a passion , SO much stuff to go thru... LOVE buying breaks tho, can listen to every new breaks release that comes out each week , maybe cause a) there isnt that many , b) I like all the styles of breaks...

I play out at:Every week at Clink Night club on a thursday in Fremantle... yes we are trying to start up a bogan breaks/house night - with a dash of class in between , play at house parties regularly , playing Ambar this weekend!!!! WOOT ,

I dont Like: Deck HOGS!! OH MY FUCKING GOD its a pet hate of mine, I dont mind someone playing a 3 hour set because they are "in the zone" heck I do the same thing, but when you have played your set and you are off and there are other people in line to play after me, YES I DO MIND IF YOU "DROP THE NEXT ONE" when you have just played - had one of these TOSSERS on the weekend try to shove me off MY decks. Don't ruin my chi manez...

Useless Information: I am like RANDAL off clerks when I sell to pepole - I shit you not....
Out Now:
Myagi - Thug (KS rmx)

Coming soon:

KS & Nikita - How I roll
Rhythm Mechanic - Systematic Roll (KS rmx)
High Eight - Open Your Eyes (KS rmx)
Mesmer - Le Fued Food (KS rmx)
Mesmer - Glaregaze (KS rmx)