I believe someone posted the following on FB:

**** wrote: "So a colleague of mine was contemplating about Arrested Development.

"Just like the lovers of Arrested Development sent bananas to the studio, I think we should all post our empty beer bottles and booze bottles to Barry O'Farrell's office/house etc. If you're going to protest, it has to be effective. He deserved to be as annoyed as we are."

I'd do it, a physical protest. More than an 'annoyance' it replicates the impracticality of their knee-jerk response.

That said, the discussion around the dinner table provided some interesting points.
Studies in Newcastle (AU) and in Norway provided some positive outcomes of this type of enforcement, in NCL, the rate of insidents dropped 37% and in Norway, the States reflected a decrease in homicides - and these Coward Punches are now being treated as homicide I believe...

The fact is, if the perpertrators find their cab fare and time spent in the CBD etc is reduced, they may think twice about making the trip out to get on the piss....maybe then they'll drink more at home though and beat up on their wives and mates at home....

Studies also showed that the greater amount of incidents occured between the later and wee hours, but surely logic dictates that people - like burglars, feel like they can get away with more after dark/late..so let's just lock the city down after 9pm in summer...

Fact remains, it all boils down to the fact that the greater issue of the culture of violence and not being addressed.

If you're looking for the vehicle to get on board with this, you need to look at people in the Economic sector who can contribute to this with a profile - businesses and personalities. Ever been into Frankies on a Sunday night? You'll find a lot of notable and loved Sydney chefs knocking back a cold one. What do you think they and the staff reckon, of a venue, incident-free from my knowledge think about this? These are the voices that need to represent. It's all good and well for dicks like Hemmes to agree, his turnover shits on the smaller, independant business and the double-standards for Packer and the Casino...disgusting.