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Studies in Newcastle (AU) and in Norway provided some positive outcomes of this type of enforcement, in NCL, the rate of insidents dropped 37% .

i am so fucking sick of people trying to use that a shining example. Anyone who currently lives or has lived in Newcastle can tell you any "success" reported is 100% bullshit. Incidents just occur further away from venues where they are reported less, usually after lockout. Any decrease in violence in venues is more attributable to the fact that ID Scanners were introduced in a MAJORITY of the major pubs, now the meatheaded scum just migrate to the 24 Hour McDonalds on King St to pick fights.

It even mentions in this article http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/hitting-th...719-2q9w0.html , that alcohol related violent incidents increased by 50% in the two years proceeding the changes, and were reduced only 37% in the 18 months following. Yet somehow; what is still a 17% overall increase in violence which now occurs in a shorter time frame due to operating hours and more often in places that lack the security of licensed venues, is considered a "solution"?!?!?!.