Wheels are in motion guys! We have some pretty big support coming our way

I spoke at todays Save Our Nightlife Rally. Here is a transcript of my speech.

"There are many people standing here today as public safety and our very livelihood is at threat with the introduction of 1:30am lockouts and 3am last drinks.

We stand here as:

- We are passionate about Sydney's nightlife and vibrant music culture.

- We love working in an industry that brings people together in a safe and regulated environment.

- We are sick of politicians making public policy in order to consolidate their power regardless of the real consequences of their actions.

- We want a safe Sydney where people can enjoy themselves on the weekend without experiencing alcohol related violence.

- We want real solutions that will get results.

We need to be taking an evidence based approach at solving the problems associated with alcohol fuelled violence.
This includes looking at existing case studies and scientific research together with consultation with community and industry leaders.

The liberal party has bought into the media hysteria caused by the tragic deaths of two young men in our community. In order to secure a second term, they have brushed aside all logic and reason and have proposed measures that will not only hit our industry, our livelihood, our civil liberties, our vibrant music culture, but also endanger our community by pushing people onto the street at the same time without the logistics and resources to cope with the 1:30am lockout and 3am last drinks.
2am lockouts were introduced in Melbourne and it was found that during the time that lockouts were trialled, alcohol fuelled violence went up. We cannot let that happen here in Sydney.

Our goal is to stand here united and let the O'Farrell government know that this community will not give up till our industry, livelihood and streets are made safe with the abolition of these abhorrent proposed laws.

It's now time for us to take action. We need to become organised and commit ourselves to making sure that every job lost, every venue closure, every violent assault that has been caused by these lockouts is visible to our community and media.

We will need graphic designers, web site builders, animators, video editors, public relations and marketing specialists to help create a multimedia campaign to SAVE OUR NIGHTLIFE.

We also need people like you to participant in rallies like this and engage in social media. We need people like you to write to our media, to write to our politicians and to campaign to SAVE OUR NIGHTLIFE.

These laws will be passed and it's up to us to highlight the catastrophic effect this will have on our community. Only then can they be repealed and we can once again have a safer and vibrant Sydney.

It doesn’t end here, the journey continues and together we can SAVE OUR NIGHTLIFE."