Could have sworn I posted a reply?

One of the most diverse crowds with new faces I've seen at Racket in ages, spanning the spectrum of ages too. From really young girls who look like they work the counters at Boost Juice, to some old faces - no seriously, there was an 80-something year old grandfather there. He danced with my missus!

Tornado Wallace played a decent set, but when the Racket boys got back on, I nearly forgot that there was a headliner. Simon just took the energy levels up a few notches (something a mate lamented, he'd wish had been done earlier in the night) and then I got a bit nervous when I saw Jimmi stepping up, and turned to a friend and said Ken would be better to mix from these tracks but fuck me, within 30 seconds I was proven wrong, Slamming! Tornado Wallace also jumped back on, and showed that he was more than capable of keeping the pace up, despite having a more downtempo set earlier.

The morning wrapped up as it usually does, with people braying to simon for 'one more tune', while the lights are up full, sun has cracked and security begs people to please leave....