Why do you even dj?? meerrr
i started this post as an attempt at finding out why all of you actually dj? i know there are some well respected dj's on this forum but for the thousands of you (who have most likely posted into the show us a pic of your dj setup) please tell us why you actually dj, and dont you dare say its all about the music or i will find you. i ask this because im coming to the realisation that most people who call themselves dj's especially in brisbane (why so many in brisbane, they are like a plague ffs!) have NOOOOO idea about the history of djing or the history and cultural significance of electronic music. most of these teeny bopping wannabes think that djing started when cdjs were invented and have no idea nor do they have any interest in learning more about where this all started.

**$50 who can tell me who jimmy savile is and what he did for dj'ing without the use of searching google**

i just think this will be a good opportunity to find out the inner workings of these so-called dj's and why they do it. and why as soon as they had their first pills in a club and saw that the dj was getting free drinks that they said to themselve "OMG I AM TOTES DOING THAT CAUSE ITS LIKE SO MUCH FUN!!"