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Can anyone answer this for me....

I am using CDJ200 now and looking to upgrade to CDJ400. I am using a G4 Powerbook.

I have used my Mac for DJing before, but only to play a set list from Itunes straight from the headphone out and into a channel on my DJM400 mixer (eg warm up tunes before people arrive).
I do not have any DJ software as such as yet. If I want to DJ without using CDs (ie off my Mac and a pair of CDJ400s), do I need to purchase Traktor or Serato or can I use Itunes (seeing that I can pitch adjust using the CDJ400)? Presumably I need to get 2 sound channels out of Mac - 1 into CDJ No. 1 and 1 into CDJ No. 2. Does this mean I have 2 USB outs from my computer??? Do I need a midi mixer (eg DJM800) or is my DJM400 Ok?

Help please!!! Thanks in advance.

Or get two x 4Gb memory sticks full of tracks and whack them into the USB inputs on the 400's and leave the laptop at home!
Pete Gordon - Deep and Low

Slower tempo but still with balls, deephouse, slow-mo, futurehouse, nudeep, indie, nudisco, hints of progressive, whatever the fuck you want to call it, just good shit! Get on it