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Choppy, I appreciate your condition, but it's not excuse for being fucking lazy. We've all being doing shit since we can remember, but some of us work on our faults. Reread your posts and use the fucking spellcheck!!!

In your post above, if you had reread it and used spellcheck, you would've realised that:
Stupied is not a word,
Rember is not a word,
I had in english tests it pasted as correct does not make sense, and no capital 'E' for Engilsh,
Impesstion is not a word,
2 should have been spelt out as two (but I will let you off this one),
Slitly is not a word, and
Diffrent is not a word

Simple shit mate. You even say that you don't use capital letters because Word automatically does it for you. Doesn't Word also provide a red underscore for words that you have spelt incorrectly? Fix them, stop making excuses, and stop being a lazy git.

Yeah but I'm using inthemix not word?


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