this is the first season I haven't bought a season ticket

not regretting my decision one little bit - in fact, the way Newcastle are going I reckon we'll be lucky to get a win all season

and for the FFA Cup final - I reckon they should have a plan to hold the game mid-way between the two teams playing in it

sure it would be difficult playing this year's one in Eucla or on a barge in the middle of the Great Australian Bight - but shit, it's not like it couldn't be done, here's that one in Singapore

if it has to be on land then roll out some artificial turf on a runway or some other flat ground, a few temporary stands - bus in the punters across the Nullarbor in air conditioned luxury (you may lose a few migrant workers on 457 visas in the construction phase but let's not think about that, besides, they're foreign and don't count)

holding the final in January would also not be a problem, even though it apparently gets a bit warm in the Nullarbor - you could just have air conditioned stadiums (mind you the technology hasn't been invented yet)

imagine the worldwide press you'd get for that sort of shit