Ok so I know that there not the best turntables, but hey i didn't get an expensive car first time round either!!

So i had a quick go last night, limited to the records that i picked up with the purchase and i feel like a beginner all over again!! firstly i balanced the tone arm but then found that it kept skipping grooves. so moved the weight so that the arm was putting more pressure on the stylus. Next mistake was trying to be a superstar DJ and touching the platter to much (wish I read pEAkeR_hAT's post before i went home). Common problem I noticed people saying online was the stanton slip mats, and yes they are horrid.

Once my ego had recovered i started to get some good tunes sounding but couldn't lock in a long mix. like you guys said Practice Practice Practice! I think i was even practicing in my sleep, woke up with one hand on my ear and the other one out-streched to the side kind of pointing!