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Umm I did it with my headphones on with both channels playing first, then I tried it with one headphone and listening to the speaker. To cue it up, i found the first beat of the phrase held it there whilst the platter was spinning and let it go in time with the other track

Cool...there is no right and wrong, but imo, one ear covered and cueing only the new track is the right way to mix

Keep your headphone volume low, the speaker playing the current track should be the dominating sound
Keep that ear covered the whole mix, you'll pick up slipping way faster listening like that than taking them off, hoping it holds and listening only to the speaker playing both tracks.
Record your mixing sessions to listen back to them and pick up where it's getting messy, you'll find sometimes you think a mix was fucking awful, but listen back objectively, it's not half as bad as you thought...also, when you're mixing, you might not notice how well the tracks do/don't work together as you're foscusing too much on the timing compared to actually listening.
Practice, practice and more practice
Oh, and never, ever crosss the streams!!!
Pete Gordon - Deep and Low

Slower tempo but still with balls, deephouse, slow-mo, futurehouse, nudeep, indie, nudisco, hints of progressive, whatever the fuck you want to call it, just good shit! Get on it