My housemates are awful.

There's not enough memory on the internet for me to begin to explain just how idiotic they are.

Some highlights:

- Lezbecian ruins my $120 pan, replaced it with a $35 one.

That itself is fine, but as I am moving out I packed it up and moved it to my parents place. I then jump on Facebook the next day and see lezbot and other housemate talking about cooking dinner and how they couldn't because 'SOMEONE confiscated all the cooking utensils'.

I only took what belonged to me, and even left stuff there that I was sure was mine simply because they may have needed it before I actually left... they still have 3 pans left so why whinge about my one being taken?

- Leaving windows wide open at the front of the house, not locking the front and back doors and disappearing when nobody else is home.

- Pulling the door off my washing machine when it became stuck without consulting me, voiding the warranty and then carrying on when I got angry about the fact they didn't tell me they were going to do it.

- Not cleaning up after cooking and leaving no clean dishes for others to cook with at all, for up to 4 days. Then when they're asked to cook so people clean I'm told to relax or simply told it's not just their mess and they'll clean it when they feel like it.

- General stomping up and down the hallway at 4 in the morning on a work night most weeks.

Thank god I am out of there completely this weekend.