There's this dickhead at work who has a loud annyoing laugh. Like a machine gun er-er-er-er-er-er-er-er really fast, and it's MEGA ANNOYING!

He does it all the fucking time, after he says something not even remotely funny, after someone else makes an offhand comment, whatever. The thing is, it's like a nervous laugh type thing, as in a coping mechanism. A couple of times I've heard him actually laugh at something he finds genuinely funny, and it wasn't as annoying!

I know this is not as bad as shitty housemates, or junkie GF's who try to fake their real baby daddy, but when you're subjected to this awful laugh day in and day out you want to start a shotgun extravaganza.


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I killed all my family because they wouldn't suck my dick.

Medium Rurrrr!

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