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That's a bit of a furphy isn't it? If you want to make the most of your night you'd get there early, surely?

A furphy, ???That is incredibly insulting. !!

I'm not asking so I can go late, if you knew me at all you would know, I always go early !! But I want to know who is playing where as well as what time. I don't want to be wasting good dancing time trying to find out when and where the djs I want to see are playing when I get to the venue . Also if you knew me at all well you would know that locals are ALWAYS high on my list. I don't judge Djs by the country but the way they sound. You would also know I am a supporter of Darius and have been for many years. This is just an issue that I disagree with him on . Adults do that sometimes and some are honest enough to say it. Not a furphy in any way shape or form.
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BAHAHA, you sir - are a twit, have you ever met Di?

She celebrated the invention of the wheel by going clubbing