Greeting from Seoul, bishes!

Lots of smanging moisties on the street but none at the gym at le marriot, which is half decent.. db up to 48kgs, techno-viking machines and an indoor running track above the pool... in which there were no moisties either!

Before the oi frankos :

a. Box squat 8 x 2 @ 50%
b. Reverse bb lunges front squat grip 4 x 10 side
c. leg press 300 secs amrap
d. shruggage 4 x 8
e. face pulls 4 x 20
f. farmers walk with two 25 kg plates... was told by gym manager "I could not walk with those on the running track"... so i jogged instead and pretended to be german and not understand...ya, ya. I run, gut? da!

Only gwai-lo in the gym, all the young lads increased their weights and increased body english and did kipping with everything. Lots of scary old men walking around naked in the change room tripping over their balls..

No kimchi or dog stew for me ...though it is protein dense..

First time i have squatted for months... trochanteric bursitis finally cleared up without cortisone! win!!
Mr Pandeh! You soooooo big. We love you looonnggg tiiimmmeee!!! tee-hee.

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