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f. farmers walk with two 25 kg plates... was told by gym manager "I could not walk with those on the running track"... so i jogged instead and pretended to be german and not understand...ya, ya. I run, gut? da!


do you have to ease back into the squats to prevent the bursitis flaring up?

i did squats before bench last night, made such a difference to energy levels and actually getting them done in good time.
i worked in with two guys so it was good for not resting too long and getting the plates/height changed over fast (and i didnt have to look for spotters )

but, my shoulder was already niggling by the time i finished and is still a bit aggro now. i tried benching off the floor and it was a disaster, i was too tired and couldnt set up right and the bar just kept falling forward or back so i will make it up on friday.
if i could think of something witty to say i'd put it here