www.easynews.com an alternative to p-p and bit torrent downloading
I discovered www.easynews.com through a mate a little while ago and now Im addicted.
Basically the concept is that it allows you to search through newsgroups to download pretty much anything.
It does cost money, but I have found it to be fairly economical if you cant be assed dealing with bit torrents or other p-p applications. It also doesnt seem to have the problem of sources dissapearing as every single download has worked. Of course when my internet connection died everything died, but a decent download manager gets around that problem too.

Speeds are great, especially from my ISP's backbone. You can sign up and try it for 1 month without any obligation to continue. Its US$10 for 20gig, so a movie (700meg or 1400meg) would cost AUD$1-2