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So you're born and bred SW6, Big-D?

No never been there.

I was born in Finsbury Park . I just didnt fit in to North London for some reason, everyone was a wanka & whinged to much, they were such a bunch of sore losers & didnt like shaking hands.

So my family moved up to Toxtoh in Liverpool where people were use to winning trophies. The thing I like about Liverpool was there were lots of Wagons with bands playing on the back of them. I saw Ringo Star a few times too.

Anyway, I got thrown out of school for wearing my Arsenal shirt to the school disco & my family was told to move to Moss Side in Manchester. So we got in our caravan & off we went.

Eventually I fckd up again. Scored some pingers off some bloke called Bez & he told me to wear my Man Utd jersey to the Moss Side Ball. He said i'd make lots of new friends. I was so luved up by the time I got there.

Subsequently I woke up in coma in 2004 & found myself in Brisbane.

Apparently? some Chelsea fans saved my life & put me on a boat to Australia via Indonesia. I was told there names was Roman, John & Frank?

I've been a Chelsea fan for 8 years now.

A-League Titles 3 times
2010-11 2011-12 2013-14


First Div / EPL Titles 4 times
1954–55 2004–05 2005–06 2009–10

FA Cups 7 times
1969–70 1996–97 1999–00 2006–07 2008–09 2009–10 2011-12

European Champs
2011-12 (only London team to do it)