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* Accommodation - Go the staff housing route or a condo? Something like this, is it too expensive, not as good as others, too far away, etc etc
Roughly $320 AUD a week for 4-5 months doesn't seem prohibitively expensive. What's your living situation like at the moment?

*Season Ski Pass - There seems to be a hefty discount before October so apparently it's worth buying it now and then Whistler resort refunds it if you end up working for them. Otherwise you still save money either way.

*Work - The Whistler agency people are having interviews here in August when I won't be in the country and apparently one round is already happening that I've missed out on. However, the local bars, nightclubs, pubs and restaurants are obviously independent. If I rock up in mid November, that's pretty much peak time to look for a bar job yea? I've got years of experience so no issues there.

*Travel programs like IEP and these guys, WHC --> http://the-workingholiday-club.com/c...ropdown-4.html
Worth it? I've seen some negative feedback on IEP but decent feedback about WHC.

*Gear - Pretty much set on buying it there or in Vancouver on the way.

*Nightlife - I hear Whistler is better for that than Banff, plus Banff gets ridiculously cold. I want crowds. I want people. I want the hustle and bustle for the whole season.


*Visa - I'm going to apply for it this weekend, including the AFP check so should have my LOI by end of July.
I'm also keen to lock in the season pass too, as accommodation sooner rather than later.
I may go speak to those WHC guys next week and see what they can do though I don't imagine getting a job if you plan to be there from mid November to the end of the season will be too difficult.

The chick who made this post seems pretty clued up. Are you having the same experience?

Fuck you laid it out there - here goes. Bear in mind though that I got to town mid season, so I can't give you any first hand advice about what things are like at the beginning of the season. Ive got a few mates from Oz who did though so I'll add their advice loosely.

1 - Accom - This completely depends on your budget. During peak ski season, accom is at a premium. Staff housing, from what I heard, is more than adequate. Its a little bit out of the way but manageable.
In relation to that link, funnily enough ive actually been in that living room in the picture. Ive had friends stay in the Ravenscrest West apartments. Theyre nice, close to town but tbh if you can afford that you could rent your own massive room in a lakeside cabin or chalet for the same price, and thats much more pimp.
For the last 4 months ive been sharing a room (two queen beds) about 15 mins out of the village by bus with a mate, and were paying 500 a month each including utilities and internet. That cost is pretty standard for share rooms. Most houses with 3 or 4 bedrooms will have 2 people in each room. Obviously you can go more or less depending on your needs and how much you want to spend. You can pay 800 a month for your own 1x1 apartment right in the village.

2 - Ski Pass - 100% definitely buy your pass as early as you can. I couldnt afford the early bird pass (pre october cut off) and my pass ended up costing me 2 fucking grand. Even though i started riding in Feb, i still got about 40 days worth. considering daily tickets cost about 100 bucks, i still got value. at 1400 youre laughing.

** as a side note, remember every price you see online or in shops is subject to 12% sales tax. its gay as aids (no jacket) and i have no idea why they dont just do a total price inclusive, like we do with gst.

If you get a job with Whistler Blackcomb, they will give you a pass. HOwever, if you buy one and use it before you get the job, the total value of your refund is diminished by the number of days youve already ridden, @ 60 bucks a day.

3 - Work - if you can nail a job before you even get there with one of the fairs then awesome. At the beginning of November everyone in town is hiring, but remember there are 1000 other people with the same idea, so competition is fierce. one of my friends got a job as a hostess at a restaurant up the mountain, and apparently 300 people applied for it.
Whistler has a super transient workforce, so someone is always hiring. But the beginning of Nov is the most competitive.
Make it known that youve had years of experience, and whatever they ask, youve done it and can do it again no probs.

4 - Programs - Considered it myself, but pretty much 90pc of people say its a waste of money. The kicker with these is that they will guarantee you a job, but it could be a dishwasher at a hotel getting absolutely raped. if you dont like the job they assign you, tough shit. save your money and put that toward accomodation costs youll need to pay if it takes you a month to get a job or longer.

5 - Gear - 100pc buy it in vancouver. theres a whole street in a suburb called Kitsalano that has about 7 snow/ski/skate stores on it, including a clearance store. Theres also a massive "turkey sale" in whistler at the beginning of the season where all the retailers clear there old stock for like 50/80pc off.

6 - Nightlife - Whistler hands down. There are about 6 main nightclubs here, but they have club nights like dubstep, dnb, 80s nights etc etc and they bring internationals here. Ive already seen two big dnb djs here for $15 that would be like $50 in Oz.

7 - Les Moistwahs - Not sure if youve seen any of my posts; basically shooting fish in a barrels. Imagine the kind of chicks you could pull back home, and add 2/3 points to that scale /10. Ive had some pretty fucking hot girls since ive been here

8 - Visa - was an absolute piece of piss. Provided you get all the right docs you need, fill everything out correctly and send in the fee, its easy as. Between sending in all my stuff and getting my LOI was 3 weeks.

Everything you could possibly want to know about the visa/app process is on www.whpcanada.org.au

I just noticed on that site that theres a Careers and Visa expo in sydney from 31 May to 3 June at the Royal Hall of Industries in Moore Park.

8 - that link - shes pretty much nailed everyrthing on the head there.

Hope this all helps, wish I had someone to give me all this info before I left. The main thing I didnt do was bring enough cash. Bring as much as you possibly can. You sound like youre in a cushy job, but theres always something here that you can spend more money on - better boots, better clothes/board, better accom, buying a sick downhill bike if youre here for summer, roadtrips etc.

anyways tl;dr come to Whistler, its fucking awesome


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