Ok, time to figure out the basics of my board so people can make suggestions. Been reading all day, this is what I've come up with as a rough guide:

Camber - As I plan to mostly free ride, high speeds, sharp turns, and off track later on in the powder. I think I used a Camber profile a few years back and quite liked it.
Sintered Base - I don't plan on doing much park tricks or anything at this point and have no issues waxing the board. The most I'll be doing is jumps on/off track. Things like rails, half pipes etc, just don't interest me at this point.
Medium to Stiff flex - Pretty self explanatory for an All Mountain type of board. I don't want as stiff as possible, I'm not getting an alpine board..... yet

Centred stance (Duck). +15/-12 or that sort of variation. While I prefer the normal stance, I don't mind riding switch either so it's important to have a versatile type of board and stance that is good in both directions, nose or tail first.
I have US size 15 feet and weigh around 92kg at the moment, which could easily go out to 95kg with a bit more muscle. So I guess a wide board is essential, especially if I'm on/off track and not in terrain parks.

EDIT - Burton Custom or Custom X is close to what I'm after in 164 Wide.

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