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No it's not, turn down the fucking mixer is a way to stop over powering! Or get the DJ to (shock, horror) use their ears! There are so many times I have walked to a mixer and turned down a channel or the master and the result has sounded BETTER. What the fuck is the DJ thinking? I know how it is, you get carried away, but seriously, keep an eye on your shit (i.e. red line) and you will be fine!

Yeah... I think that in the context of warehouse parties, listening stops being an issue - we were using 3 12" powereds and a 15" sub to play to over 500 people... sound quality had stopped being the main concern.

I did keep trying to turn down the channel gains (everyone kept gaining to +3dB and higher) but people seemed to want it LOUDER LOUDER LOUDER. One of the guys even said, "but you made it softer", my response was "you smelt the fucking smoke didn't you? I don't know where it came from, but that's not a good sign".

I'm kinda just hoping there isn't more blown gear (ie. my mixer) and to prevent similar from happening.


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Ah, bless Behringer. Isn't Uri in jail yet for these sorts of shenanigans?

And I actually just bought a unit off him last week (their 2.1 band stereo crossover) - don't worry, it's a copy of a Bryston! (didn't use stepped pots though - they would've been nice/expensive)