Great post Ferret!!!

As you said, underpowered system for the room / crowd, but as DJs, we have to look after the gear while making sure it sounds as good as possible at all times - hope I didn't cause any damage!

A couple of things to add from a DJs perspective in regards to the Saturday night - and whoa, what a night!

It is really important, as you have said, that as much headroom as possible is allowed at the start of the night - there are those times over the course of the night when playing, or running a party, that the volume just needs to go up a little as the floor fills or to add that extra intensity - this can only happen safely if there is a load of headroom afforded at the start of the night.

Different mixers have different meter layouts and in a pitch black warehouse it can sometimes be hard to see (or you forget) where the 0db +3d/b mark is - especially if the whole meter uses the same coloured LEDs - I suggest sticking tape on there with a big red arrow, saying "do not go over this!".

I know I didn't touch the master on the mixer, as it was already running hot when I started, but even (trying) to keep the line levels at 0 to 3, was pushing the master well over 0 - I could have backed off the master a little, but it's really hard to do at that time of the night without dropping a bit of intensity on the floor (which leads me back to your headroom point) - but in listening, as everything was running so hot, the only time there was a noticable deteriation of sound quality was when it clipped, and alarm bells should ring for every DJ to back it off at that point!

Was a fine line on Saturday night, needed more volume for the floor which wasn't there for obvious reasons, no headroom on the mixer from the get go which was due to there being so many people in there straight away and the size of the rig and needing as much as you could get out of every stage...

I know for one, I was just hovering around the "just under clipping" mark and using my ears as best I could (in that environment) to ride that fine line - didn't help when my fingers got caught on those tiny eq pots and I gave the system a "kick" twice, but had it fixed by the next beat

So after all that rambling by me, your original post sums it up perfectly!

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